Built from experience.

20 years of expertise in gaming infrastructure development & deployment

Major MMO titles built on the underlying technology since 2005

More than 30 million active MMO players

Core capabilities:

MetaEngine enables developers from anywhere in the world to collaborate on game creation in our unique cloud-based build environment. From the first login screen, the 3D world is both multiplayer and multi-developer. This is a unique feature of MetaEngine that allows developers, designers and players to collaborate in fully immersive real-time, 3D environments.

MetaEngine is a blockchain-based platform where developers can choose blockchain features to fit their games. MetaEngine provides full integration of game and item purchases, NFT minting, and staking to improve liquidity, community and a marketplace for user-generated content.

MetaEngine’s decentralized publishing platform enables developers to publish their games on a wide variety of servers located anywhere in the world, without regional or country restrictions. Additional functionality helps Guilds with creation and management of their memberships, analytics, custom guild wallets and other DeFi features.



MetaEngine exists to give creators the tools to build games and experiences people love faster and more collaboratively