metaENGINE: Meet Our Seed Investors

3 min readMar 18, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we successfully raised $4 Million in seed funding to further develop the already built decentralized game development and publishing platform. A massive thank you to our lead investors Lemniscap and Jump Crypto as well as our VC investors Polygon Studios, Blockwall Capital, blufolio, DCX Ventures, Efficient Frontier, Insignius Capitol, Block Brands, Future Fund, and Maelstrom for their generous support.

A successful project always relies heavily on its investors and supporters to build a truly great product. We are very happy to say that the successful onboarding of the aforementioned investors and partners and the incredible experience, knowledge, and community each of them bring to the table create a perfect foundation for metaENGINE as we endeavor to build the most advanced decentralized Web3 game development platform in the world.

Here’s what some of our Investors had to say about metaENGINE:

“Currently the crypto space is missing a gaming engine designed specifically for Web3 games. We believe that metaENGINE has both the team and product to fill the role as the de-facto one-stop-shop gaming engine for Web3.”

– Roei, CEO of Efficient Frontier

“MetaEngine provides an epic development environment to build and rebuild Metaverse Worlds in real-time. Their blockchain integrated tools offer an all-in-one development infrastructure for GameFi and Metaverse developers while keeping the spirit of decentralization and AAA gaming.”

– Block brands

“We believe that metaENGINE is the solution to these current market challenges faced by existing incumbents. Through taking complete care of the integration process and the introduction of a comprehensive game engine, a multi blockchain infrastructure, and an in-built publishing platform, metaENGINE is designed with the interests of GameFi developers in mind. Immediate benefits include shortened time to market, significant reductions to the overall development budget, minimized technology risk, and an ability to develop better content. In bringing to the market a more efficient, cheaper, and unified technology, metaENGINE seeks to tackle a current fragmented market segment and establish itself as a leader in the space.”

– Roderik, Founder of Lemniscap

“Built on the only truly massively multiplayer web2 gaming engine, MetaEngine will help create AAA quality web3 metaverse/gaming experiences and uniquely positioned to win it”

– DCX Ventures

“Crypto Gaming is a key catalyst to drive Web 3.0 adoption. As the Shopify of Crypto Gaming, metaENGINE is perfectly positioned to provide the much needed turn key solution to game developers catering to millions of new and existing users.

– Harri, Founding Partner of Future Fund

“Insignius Capital is excited to endeavor on this journey with the talented metaENGINE team. Alex and the team are ahead of the game and well-positioned to disrupt the future metaverse experience. We look forward to supporting metaENGINE and seeing the engine prosper”

– Radi S, Managing Partner of Insignius Capital

Our core objective is to take Blockchain Gaming to the Next Level by redefining the GameFi World. With this seeding round, metaENGINE is evolving into an interconnected ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating with game developers globally to attract the right players to ensure successful launches and healthy growth.

About metaENGINE

metaENGINE is an all-in-one platform that incorporates a professional-grade game engine with a complete back-end server, network, blockchain integration, and a publishing platform. We provide a complete power-packed set of the most advanced features developed over the blockchain for a hassle-free experience.

Our decentralized integrated solution provides peerless advantages for an advanced experience in game development. With greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration of development tools, time-to-market can be cut in half.

metaENGINE, the Only Engine you need to build the Metaverse!!

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