metaENGINE: The Gaming Platform With Exceptional Competence.

If you had asked us about developing a game a decade ago, the answer would have been “It’s not a five-finger exercise”. Creating a successful game requires flawless skills, out of the box thinking and a never-ending drive to develop a mind-blowing product. Having a platform that offers an all-in-one solution with the best infrastructure, multiple integrations is a paradise land for gaming developers.

Gaming platforms offer you decisive features to integrate with any GameFi environment- from its earliest stage. From a comprehensive game engine to tactical tools, developing a game on such a platform saves time and money, and greatly adds to the efficiency of the development team.

In a nutshell, before the developer starts building the first level of their ultra-modern game, the stepping stone is laid at level-0, which is choosing the right platform! Maybe you’re on the verge of kicking off a new gaming project over blockchain or thinking about switching the platform, or you just wanted to catch up on some reading — whatever your reasons may be, we’ve got your back! So get into the arcade and start reading!

Why metaENGINE?

The platform brings the most wanted features of the GameFi world to reality. You can sell your art as assets, blueprints, code plugins, and audio recordings made by you on metaENGINE’s marketplace. So what makes us so unique? “A lot of things!”. Not being just another publishing platform (not mentioning the name though *wink*), the platform takes complete care of the integrations that any developer would require while developing a world-class game, reducing your cost by a whopping 75%!

Real-Time Development With metaENGINE

With metaENGINE’s game development platform, you don’t just develop and deploy games, but you can make changes in the live game like the real metaverse would do! How uber-cool does it sound to you? Let us take the credit for being the first-ever platform to bring this gamer’s dream to reality!

metaENGINE = MMO + Blockchain = GameFi Heaven!

Imagine developing an MMO game with real-time development within the metaverse, where thousands of players are killing it! The metaENGINE platform provides you with a full MMO networking integration into your game, taking the gaming experience to another level amongst gaming enthusiasts.

Hassle-Free Integration: The Shopify of GameFi World!

The overall experience developing & integrating features to a game can be a pain for any developer. metaENGINE’s engineers have already integrated all the necessary tools within the platform, this makes life for a game developer much easier & provides a seamless experience throughout the development journey. Not just this, it reduces the overall development time enormously by 50%. The feature makes the platform Shopify for GameFi developers in it’s true sense.

Decentralised Metadata, Crypto Wallet integration & More!!!

Blockchain integration makes the gaming infrastructure robust and impossible to hack. Not just this, it provides a high level of risk mitigation & safety with Decentralised Metadata storage. Enjoy never-ending benefits like billing management, crypto wallet integration and more in a highly secure ecosystem.

The Cherry on the Cake: Easy to Understand and Implement Documentation

To make your journey an easier one, the platform offers you easy to understand guides, documentation and tutorials to help developers build at ease within the platform.

Reducing build costs and overall development time by a significant margin.


Before you hop to joining our community, a quick recap; metaENGINE is a one stop solution for all your gaming needs. The platform saves your time, money and efforts to make your gaming development experience enjoyable. Take advantage of numerous features offered by the platform while building your dream game.

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