MetaEngine X Dirty Street Cats

  • A director of Andrew Labs, An Experienced Compliance Officer. Has in-depth knowledge in Swiss financial regulatory framework. Specialized in Fintech laws with a focus on digital assets.
  • Renowned expert in international sanctions with a master’s degree, strategic and operational philanthropy, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Head of Financial Security Team: Indosuez Wealth Management , Geneva, Switzerland
  • Diploma of Advanced Degree, Strategic And Operational Philanthropy: Geneva University, Switzerland
  • Sanctions Officer, ACAMS, United States
  • MBA, Bar Exam, Toulouse Bar School, Toulouse- France
  • Graduated with the French Bar Diploma
  • Master in Business Law, Business Law, Law University-Toulouse, France
  • Speaks 4 languages: French, English, Italian, Hebrew
  • Alex Shalash
  • Antoine Castel



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he first decentralized all-in-one platform for development and publishing of GameFi / Metaverse games and apps.