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3 min readJun 24, 2022


metaENGINE is excited to announce its partnership with Get Set Play, a DAO-Powered Esports Gaming and Streaming Multiverse. This step is focused on increasing feasibility for the metaENGINE community to get the immersive metaverse experience, for making the gamers all over the globe feel like they are competing and streaming their gameplay under one roof.

Get Set Play is envisioned to be a groundbreaking, decentralized, DAO-governed eSports gaming and streaming platform. Their unique implementation of blockchain technology puts Get Set Play head and shoulders above the competition, fundamentally altering the way we play, compete and stream video games. They have tailored their platform for avid gamers and streamers alike, to compete in tournaments while simultaneously streaming their gameplay to the rest of the globe.

Their one-of-a-kind metaverse helps not only gamers but creators, game sponsors, and business owners in the gaming industry interact with one another like never before, being able to showcase their achievements, highlights, and trophies to the rest of the community, as well as being able to meet up for live events within the metaverse that will be hosted in GSP’s vast dedicated arenas and hype plazas.

metaENGINE is the one-stop solution for game developers to build games in the metaverse using its advanced tools and mechanisms. metaENGINE is the world’s only Web3 Game Engine that creates the Metaverse. We are proud to have Get Set Play to accompany and support us in the journey of expansion and recognition in the Web3 world.

Michelle Janice, CEO of Get Set Play said:

“metaENGINE is a trailblazer and industry leader within the web3 gaming space and a perfect partner to collaborate with to bring our vision for Get Set Play to life. Partnering with metaENGINE lets us showcase web3 games built using their tools, helping put web3/blockchain gaming in the spotlight, and encouraging the many old-school gamers to make the transition over to the next generation of gaming. This partnership is not only beneficial to Get Set Play and metaENGINE but to the entire web3 gaming industry as this partnership will help channel the hundreds of millions of traditional gamers over to the future of gaming that is web3”

Alex Shalash, Co-Founder of metaENGINE said:

“We are proud to have Get Set Play accompany us on the journey of innovation and providence, enabling us to scale the heights of success. With a similar goal to redefine gaming experience, development, and streaming in GameFi & Metaverse, our collaboration with Get Set Play further paves a new path to align with the future of gaming and gameplay streaming, which continues to bring more value and revenue.”

About Get Set Play:

Get Set Play is a groundbreaking decentralized, DAO-governed platform that is introducing blockchain technology to gaming and esports, fundamentally altering the way we play games and speculate on esports. The platform is designed for avid gamers and streamers alike to compete in tournaments while simultaneously streaming their gameplay to the rest of the globe. What sets Get Set Play apart from competitors like Twitch is its use of blockchain technology, as well as its own native token, which is utilized to reward gamers who participate in tournaments, stream, as well as speculators, and even viewers.

Get Set Play is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which means that the community is responsible for all decision-making. All platform-related decisions will be made collectively by a vote amongst community members. The community will be built upon a set of agreed-upon rules that will be set on the blockchain as a smart contract.

About metaENGINE:

metaENGINE is an all-in-one platform that incorporates a professional-grade game engine with a complete back-end server, network, blockchain integration, and a publishing platform. We provide a complete power-packed set of the most advanced features developed over the blockchain for a hassle-free experience.

Our decentralized integrated solution provides peerless advantages for an advanced experience in game development. With greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration of development tools, time-to-market can be cut in half.

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