MetaENGINE x Osimi City

  • Racing: Thrilling PvE or PvP races through the streets of the city.
  • Shooter: Up to 6 players can participate with the same map in PvP Osimi League (3v3 Gun Battle room).
  • Tournaments: Competitive players can enter the world of Blockchain eSports through OCS (racing) and OPL (shooter) tournaments, with millions of dollars in the prize pool. The players can participate in both tournaments; as individuals in the OCS and as teams in the OPL.
  • Open-World Metaverse: Players can buy real estate in the game. The developers will be the Property owners and community leaders, responsible for creating and implementing their own economies and ecosystems.
  • Michele Zilocchi, CEO of Osimi City said:

About Osimi City

About metaENGINE



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